Bagrat, 28 ans, jeune en apprentissage

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LEAVE WOMEN AT WORK ALONE. The only time when it might be OK to mess around with a chick at work is if she makes an advance towards you. There are waaaaay too many women out there to risk losing your job over one.

As for what you should so any other time, you should have a pair of balls and just go for what you want without worrying about what the girl thinks. Your behavior is very submissive and wimpy, and if a girl sees you in that light, she will not be attracted to you no matter what you do.

And like yourself, I too am busy. I try to label my posts so that you can look them up on your own. I just don't have the time to go through hundreds of posts to find one that might fit a specific situation.

This is true, but some of the most eloquent and high profile Game bloggers, I won' mention names, peddle a very sadistic version of Game where being dominating pretty much means being abusive and simply mean, so is it any wonder that this gets that kind of rep?

Second, I have always felt there is a great deal of confusion around the issue of being dominating. Making a conscious effort to control or dominate another human being is often a clear sign of weakness and usually arouses antagonism and disrespect, even in women. You will not gain the respect of a woman simply by trying to dominate her.

Dominate is the wrong word. You have to be sure and firm in yourself and your own opinions and actions and beliefs - without apology but without intentionally trying to dominate anyone - and the woman will automatically gravitate towards you if you are authentic, and will automatically give you the leadership role.